Why I stopped caring about the opinions of other people.


Okay, I still care a little.. like when I ask my wife if my outfit looks okay.

I’m sitting inside a hardly air conditioned Chick-Fil-a next to a table of preteen cheerleaders. They all have their phones out and are comparing their Instagram followers to each other as if it’s some kind of measure of popularity. Who knows what those girl’s are going to be when they grow up and what part of this will affect their personalities and decisions in the future. All I could think was “I hope my kids grow up to be strong and independent and will stand up for their friends and for themselves”. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to even get to that place.

After announcing my blog and simultaneously stating that my wife and I were starting the baby process, I only (so far) received 1 negative comment.

At some point in my mid-late 20’s I stopped caring about what others thought, especially with regard to how I should live my life.

I stopped caring mostly because I figured out what kind of a person I wanted to be. I want to be someone kind with a huge heart, but also someone who is smart and someone that my kids would be proud to look up to. I want to be the woman who proves everyone wrong.

I realized that the people who tend to give me [unsolicited] advice about the vast amount of life choices I make on the daily, typically don’t or didn’t have ANY idea who they were at my age. Life is personal. Everyone’s choices and decisions are their own and they get to live with their decisions and learn from them – there is a negative connotation to that, so I’d like to clarify that decisions can also be super positive!

Let’s be real. No one knows what they’re doing.

This is the big secret among adults and parents. Everyone tries so hard to come across like they have their lives under control… it’s okay, the truth is no one has their lives together no matter what it looks like on Instagram. Everyone is just trying to “adult” the best they can. I’m not Martha Stewart by any means, but we all excel in different areas.

Life is all about trial and error and figuring out what works for you (and/or your children). Spoiler alert: people look different, act different, make choices you wouldn’t make, and take different risks.

Honestly, I’m all about breaking down barriers and boxes. My wife instilled in my brain to stop trying to fit into a specific stereotype or box in order to please others. I’m a girl married to a girl with short hair who paints her nails and wears little boys size shoes. I’m also going to school to be a rocket scientist and will have finished my full sleeve tattoo by the time I’m 31. I’ll be carrying our child even tho that’s not anyone’s first guess. I’m me, and the world will just have to deal.

Ps. I haven’t started prenatals yet because I had my Final Exam for Precalculus this morning and didn’t want to try something new just in case I had a reaction to it or needed more than a granola bar to wash it down with. I’ll write about it soon!

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